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Christchurch, New Zealand

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Ana Ferrari
Posted over 2 years ago
Eve Ensler: Suddenly, my body
I found Eve amazing and engaging. I must say that I perceive there is this big victimization of woman and "evlization" of men that I don't see positive in any way. My view is, stories need to be told more than for their "shocking" value, and pain is quite poetic, les not rape their right to their stories for the sake of entertaining or tho I'm aware Eve Has done real loving work with this women wich to say more is "every" woman...if you are a woman could you say you have never been "molested" in some way? and what about Men and boys out there been rape or abuse? I find this is becoming poor vaginas against evil penises, and we are missing the boat of what is really going on, I know I was.
Ana Ferrari
Posted almost 3 years ago
"I don't try to be right, I choose to be happy" ... wait, what?
About turning a cold shoulder. I find that activism for whatever cause wen not base on what is possible outside of blame, ends up creating the same thing that they are "fighting" against. “You don’t have to feel bad to act kindly. Love doesn’t stand by, it moves with the speed of clarity.” - Byron Katie