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Bruno Garcia
Posted over 3 years ago
Can we sustain the population AND the ecosystem without converting to vegetarianism?
This matter has troubled me for some time now, being that I am a purchase manager, and responsible for buying commodity agricultural products, and I have had to live, for some time, with the complete disruption of the supply chain of these products (wheat, soy, begetable oils, milk, cocoa), and, to be honest, I believe this is not he right question. There will always be a population to maintain. The ones that remain, after all the others die. And this has always happened, in the past. We, as a species, have left entire populations die from malnutrition, when, in other sides of the world, we were dumping resources away, because they were either too cheap, or not good enough, or whatever... Obviously, there will be no major global change in the perception of the human race, and the wealthy will obviously still eat their meat, even if the grain needed to feed that meat was being stolen from some hungry child in Africa. We will not become vegetarians, we will always kill (read "let die"), the part of the population that cannot afford to buy food.