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My thinking outside the box thinking was fostered by my father. My Father and I indulged in Thought experiments and creative problem solving. My interest in the Sciences were nurtured; though my inclinations were far from linear. The joy of discovery lead me though forests and fields. No creature was below my notice. I desired an understanding of how things worked. Curiosity inspired my studies and investigations. I wanted to help people, environments and creatures wherever I roamed. When I grew up I realized that my way of solving issues with a heavy emphasis on intuition made science a poor choice of life paths. I have traveled for study in many countries. The conclusion of these travels is a realization that all people seek the same basics to be happy. The last Decade has been an Awakening for me. I finally accepted my calling to become a Minister. The Church of Thomas is an Oral Tradition that has survived in private worship within families for 2,000 years. It has a great focus on basic teachings through Jesus' sayings. I had hoped our Gospel had been written down. When our Denomination was declared Heretical most writings were burned by the Trinitarians. The answer to my prayer was forthcoming when I answered the Call. I found Our Gospel languishing in the hands of the Trinitarians, who of course could not understand it. The Gospel of Thomas had been discussed and studied for 2,000 years within the families. Upon the first reading all of the verses rang true and clear as a bell. The resulting update/ Analysis is called Reconciler Gospel of Thomas. Most of my life I have expressed myself through Poetry and short stories. My Poetry collection is published as "Semper Fidelas:Means Always Faithful". God used this way of sharing to help me pass on some ideas that are Unique to the Church of Thomas. I had a solid 3 months of vivid and emotional Dreams. A book based on my dreams was the next project that God assigned to me. It is published under the name "Awakenings in an Age of Angels". I now head the branch of Church of Thomas that does training and Outreach to non-family members. A short list of how we see Jesus, God, and our Duty is in the Note section of my Facebook site. It is listed as Angel Eliza. We train Christians; not collect followers. We counsel; yet encourage all to talk directly to God. We collect no Money; but help people find their own deserving recipients to give to. We welcome dialogue with all traditions since we do not claim the "Only Truth". May God Bless the Whole World no Exceptions.

Areas of Expertise

Reconciler Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Thomas, Angels, Jesus' Teachings

An idea worth spreading

We are called to be Good Stewards by using multiple Disciplines to heal our World. By refraining from waste in everything from time to energy we can share our World's bounty. By Decentralizing Energy production we take back the reins of self-determination. By remembering that the World is not ours to destroy we may learn to value the interrelatedness of everything. By valuing all Creatures as having a Right to Exist we Honor God. By returning Worship to the Individual we re-establish our direct connection with God, cutting out the "middlemen" taking their monetary Profits.

I'm passionate about

Helping, Healing, Guiding, Feeding, Homeless, Rejected People, Welcoming, Teaching, Jesus, God, Love, Ecology, Farming and Herding, Writing and Sharing my insights and observations, Dreams and Visions

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God, Jesus, Science, Technology, future, Renewable Energy sources, Angels, Permaculture teachings and dynamics, Gardening, Efficiency, Helping Others, Ministry, LGBT issues, Marriage

People don't know I'm good at

That I am adept at fixing almost anything with what I have on hand. I design log homes. I Dream in Color. For some Reason, I always find extraordinarily close Parking Spots where ever I go.

My TED story

I believe the Challenges of our time going into the Future must be met by utilizing Science, Technology, combined with the Inspiration and Ethics of Faith. As Stewards it is important that we reassess the resources of our shared World. Church of Thomas never saw a conflict between knowledge and discovery versus the Mysteries of God. Both have their place and role in our Maturation as people. Sadly I have seen that many feel that following a Science path means rejecting the very Inspiration that a connection to God can give. This rejection also leaves behind in some the desire to see the Ethical Consequences of the Work of Science. Conversely I have seen people of Faith turn their back on Science as an Affront to God. To reject either path Impoverishes our understanding of Life, and our place in it. They work hand in hand to guide our work. Church of Thomas calls for a Reconciling of the paths that were never meant to be ripped apart by Politics.

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