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Henri Kisielewski
Posted over 4 years ago
Should we strive for a brand new Economic/Political system? Is it even possible to create one in this day and age?
Of course it seems that the internet will be a predominant force in any future political endeavour, and ecology is (or should be) somewhere at the forefront of our priorities. However do you not think that we, as a society, are often selfish in terms of looking at the world? This is of course no reflection on you Jonathan, but your first reaction was to think of these two factors in terms of their impact on development of Western Countries. It is estimated that only 22% of the world's population have access to the internet, thus ruling out any possibility of change in the foreseeable future for those countries that need it most. Liberia is still licking it's wounds after the RUF packed up, the Congo is slowly coming out of the Economic rut that began over 40 years ago, and here we are saying how great it would be if the internet could somehow allow us to be ecologically responsible...