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yi-ju chen
Posted over 2 years ago
Georgette Mulheir: The tragedy of orphanages
The success of helping these children live a normal life require two forces: finance from government or NPO and improving quality of orphanages. We see from this video that the infrastructure itself is not efficient(only 10% of people live a normal life in their adulthood!?). I wish governments would fund local college students to create and implement better ideas for the orphanages. These college students definite have the brain power to come out with some great ideas! believe me!
yi-ju chen
Posted almost 3 years ago
Pankaj Ghemawat: Actually, the world isn't flat
I don't really agree with the data shown in this presentation. The examples been used to demonstrate the globalization aren't precise and relative. Flattering world means a world which everyone is leverage and has equal right to do "many" things. Today, people from developing countries could learn the best lectures from MIT or Stanford from the Internet. Or you could watch gangnam style on Youtube then create your own! The ideas or ability to do things(mostly in digital way) around the world is the key concept of the flattened world. And this is so cool that brilliant minds of the whole world are together to share their insights. The 3% calls to foreign countries is a small number in percentage for sure. But they're so many things to do in the flattered world!, not just calling people! Try to think about the following questions, 1)what's the percentage of your time on calling someone locally given a normal day? 2) what's the percentage of your time you're doing anything(communicating, watching, reading, eating, wearing, etc...) that is originated from foreign country? Flattening world is good! It makes the world a fair place for everyone in every corner of the world to do anything! And we'll see more cool things made by brilliant people everywhere. And i don't find a single factor why should we be afraid of flattening world.
yi-ju chen
Posted over 4 years ago
Dave Meslin: The antidote to apathy
This is sad hearing people viewing communities in this way. First of all, we should always deeply keep in mind remembering that the democracy and communities we live in today are the sacrifices of the many heroes in the past whom fighting for democracy regardless of giving out their own families and lives. Just think this way: Citizens in China do not own democracy either do they belong in communities. If the government of China planned out to build a huge factory on a village, the poor people in that area could only leave their homes which they living in for many generations, and had no say to the government. So what's the problem with you? not protecting and keeping this precious privilege you have today? Every single each of citizen should be caring their neighbors, their communities, and their Country; otherwise, our next-generation would suffer living in their own way and deprive by others due to the ignorant and selfish attitude on our current system.