Alexandre Kapancioglu

Software Application Developer
Parede, Cascais, Portugal

About Alexandre


Born in Kenitra, Morocco move to Lisbon after 2 weeks and never went back still. Genes from a turkish father and portuguese mother (:) Grown-up in Lisbon. One year in Angola at the age of six (never forgot and want to go back someday). Study at Lycée Français Charles Lepierre and Pedro Nunes high schools. Go to University of Lisbon , Faculty of Sciences initially to Chemistry but then change to Math (the queen of Sciences). Didn't finish course though. Give private Math lessons. Take some computer science courses and then start working on software development on several companies. Actually working as freelance developer. Have 2 great sons. And i had a little and very smart cat. Unfortunally she is missing. I'm also a marshall at MotoGP and WSBK. Living now in Parede , Cascais, near the sea, where I, almost every day, have my 10Km run.


English, French, Portuguese

Areas of Expertise

Math Teaching, Web Development(HTML,CSS, JavaScript,ASP.NET,C#)

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Why is there a limit of 200 characters for you to tell 'What I'm passionate about' ? I ask for more passion :)

I'm passionate about

Motorcycling, Sports, Travel , Adventure, Music , Reading, Technology, Science, Computing, Nature, Outdoors, Running, Biology, Human behavior, Knowledge, Earth Sky Water, Languages, Design , TED:)

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In 200 characters..!? Complicating things. I think. Or not? Yes I think I'm. Wait let me see. Now you are really complicating things. No you're not since you are on purposecomplicating things. So...1

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