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Posted about 4 years ago
Isn't everything meaningless without faith in anything beyond this life?
Definitely the life would be meaningless if there were no hereafter. A person who does a lot of crime, who kills maybe several people gets what? The worst he can get would be lifetime or death penalty. OK, but is that enough? Does that justify what he did? He killes several people. By killing them he has caused a lot of sadness, stress in the families, children, community. Maybe those children will never be the same. Because their mother, or father, or friend died... Maybe they will grow in anger, grow in revenge. This could be enlarged. The point here is that no penalty suffices the crime of killing other people. Take Hitler for example. He is responsible for so many deaths and what happened? He committed suicide. So is it done for him? Is he gone? I mean is it all over for him? My mind does not accept that, my feelings does not accept that. There should be sth, sth big sth powerful sth divine that will punish him. The conscience, the human thinking requires sth like this. Otherwise the life would be totally unfair. Agree or not? This will not happen here. This will happen in the afterlife. The afterlife where God will be the sole Judge. Where each person will face eery single thing he has done in this life- whether good or bad. And I mean every single, tiny bits as well. For people who do not accept afterlife is because they do not believe in things they do not see. They simply think for sth to exist it needs to be there- in front of you. Thats not the case. Trying to define everything by science or luck or probability is just misleading. A baby falling from the tenth floor- what is the possibility for that baby to live? I would say sth close to zero. But yet we see on the news that he survives. Now, how's that possible? There must have been sth that prevented him. And science cannot explain this. Probability or luck certainly does not. So God wanted him to live. Thats it. Will continue.