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Albany, OR, United States

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Leslie Romine
Posted over 3 years ago
TEDTalk Public Schools
After a career in Education my most treasured years were the ones where a team mate and I facilitated a comprehensive project oriented curriculum. The discovery and student ownership empowered the children to become confident and unafraid of exploration and kindled the joy of learning for many. It does my heart good to see John Hunter and his World Peace Game recognized for this type of holistic learning experience! Funny, the students always let you know what turns them on in learning and this way is complex and challenging enough that they find their passions and gifts in the context of healing the earth and creating a healthier way forward. Wonderful! How could we create schools based on this? I once read Jean Huston's vision of a New Era School and it so inspired me I wrote to her and asked if it was something she already started. (She has started systems in several countries) Inspiration and vision is needed as John Hunter shows. His kids took it into action and are learning. Those who engage in reforming inspire others and soon it takes hold. It's happening. Look at the kids that protested at the capital about Global Warming and creating a Green Econmy. It just needs some encouragement to become more widespread and it is! As their elders we are their encouragers/facilitators!Thank you TED for being apart of doing just that! One of my former students' parents told me that their daughter has learned Chinese and is desiring to become a bridge builder between the two nations. How great is that?