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nick trendov
Posted about 4 years ago
How do you move inspiration into action? *A TEDActive Social Networks Project*
I think of Twitter's use of 'resonance' when I see signal and noise, though the only true way to distinguish between these three sound-related measures is retrospective observation or after the fact. Shouting doesn't help unless there is resonance re-Tweet between storyteller (Tweeter) and story (Tweet) there is no further story whether it is signal or noise. Counter-intuitively re-Tweets may be either Signal or Noise and this also depends on 'resonance' between story (Tweet) and listener NOT the Tweeter. The story is a separate and distinct entity or in other words the Tweeter doesn't influence either the signal or noise, emphatic or loud as they may be.Storytellers or Tweeters are charged with tuning perception rather than the conventional wisdom which describes them as gifted moving lips or talking heads. Any story that doesn't involve tuning of perception is not.While there are many, many interesting possibilities with this thread one other perspective comes to mind which may facilitate its manifestation. The Sufis say only naive storytellers look for a question to be answered in the same story, and if a story contains both, they are unrelated in that one is meant to tune perception and the other to deliver the story. I look forward to following this conversation. Cheers, Nick