Ida Christine Bøeng

Tromsø, Norway

About Ida Christine


Young, ignorant, egoistical and greedy. I'm like most people in the modern world, surrounding myself with worldly goods to entertain me. I've been chewed and spat out by the school system like any other, and I know some about many things as opposed to a lot about some things. I consider myself a nerd, gamer, metal head, furry and much more. My main trait would be to have an open and accepting mind, if anything.


English, Norwegian

An idea worth spreading

is equality to all.

I'm passionate about

Freedom - all deserve freedom to develop their own person. Equality for all and love for the needing.

Talk to me about

absolutely anything but usually nothing.

People don't know I'm good at

being paranoid.

My TED story

Stumble Upon brought me to the TED website many times before I found a special interest in it. That's it, really.

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