Hiran Castello Branco

VP - ESPM, ESPM - Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing
São Paulo, Brazil

About Hiran


Graduate in Business Administration from Fundacao Getulio Vargas and a graduate degree in Public Communication from ESPM. Elected in 1986 Advertiser of the Year and in 2008 Latin American Advertising. Eeceived the Caboré's Award as Professional Planning / Service. Former president of the APA and the Association of Advertising Agencies of the State of São Paulo. President of the National Advertising Council, Vice-President of ESPM and counselor of the Commercial Association of Sao Paulo, CENP and ADVB.


English, Portuguese, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Marketing, Advisor and mentor , International Administration, commerce

An idea worth spreading

The importance of preserving and stimulating human spirituality, which should be the compass for our every action.
We need to emphasize the importance of BEING instead of HAVING.
This implies promoting peace, conscious consumption and spirituality in corporate relations.

I'm passionate about

I’m passionate about Brazil and its diversity.
I’m fascinated by the country's landscapes and its culture and by the warmth of its multi-ethnic people.



Talk to me about

Nature. Hiking. The history of Brazil. I like reading and I like people. I appreciate the communication of public interest and the education of people. That’s what made me join the field of education.

People don't know I'm good at

Coordinating voluntary work, which has led to my collaborating with Unicef and an anti-drug foundation. I've also been a counselor at the Hospital Samaritano, Ação Comunitária and ESPM, for 25 years.

My TED story

I was fascinated by the dynamic, concise way of spreading instigating ideas.
And also by the format, which appeals to young people and encourages critical thinking.
Another great thing is the fact that people are offering their best to society in a voluntary way, which has a lot to do with the human and spiritual values I cherish. It’s all about leading by serving as an example and being a humble leader.