Seijo Kang

Cheongpyeong, South Korea

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Seijo Kang
Posted about 4 years ago
What are 10 things YOU know to be true?
1. Most of us have a natural inclination to connect with others. 2. I somehow learn much better and faster when I humble my mind and position myself as a student. 3. Respecting, appreciating, and valuing each other as potential ideal beings helps deepen my understanding of ourselves and purpose of life. 4. The earth is mysteriously structured like the human body. 5. Many of us require education to build mental tools to effectively deal with our daily problems. 6. Love blended with commitment builds trust and bonding experiences. 7. There are tons of more universal laws present but that we are not fully aware of or knowledgeable of YET. 8. I'm not in any form of religion, but I'm still fascinated by how many of the major world events today were PREDICTED by religionists in past ages where those religions were developed from very different ideological roots. 9. Mistakes are forgivable at first but not from the second time. 10. Everybody talks and dreams of a peaceful world.