Steve Waters

Director, Redundancy Rescue
Manchester, Uk, United Kingdom

About Steve


I have substantial experience in teaching English, leading an English Department and in Educational Leadership as an Assistant Headteacher in 11- 18 Comprehensive schools. I have also been an educational consultant in two local authorities. I am now a freelance business coach specialising in supporting and coaching employees who have been made redundant, either on a personal basis or funded by their employers. I also run an online proof reading and copywriting service for university students, adult learners and businesses. My passion is the theatre and I am Artistic Director of a successful theatre company - Bridgewater Theatre Company - in Manchester. Currently, I am working for Combat Stress, a charity that supports former members of the armed forces with mental ill-health as a result of combat, in April and May. I also have a BAC approved Adv Dip in Counselling from the University of Manchester and am an accredited landlord with the NLA and Manchester City Council. I am divorced and have four wonderful children from my two marriages.

Areas of Expertise

Coaching - Life and Leadership;

An idea worth spreading

The old patterns of business interaction and values are being challenged by the growth of social media. Ruthlessness, selfishness, disrespect, one-upmansihip and competitiveness to the exclusion of anything else are being replaced by collaboration, respect, selfless sharing of skills, experience and expertise. The experienced in business are offering what they have learnt to young entrepreneurs and the young are teaching the experienced how they need to keep pace with the inter-relationships enabled by social media. The samaritan who unselfishly crosses the road to help someone who is weaker at that moment than himself builds social capital while the man who passes by earns nothing but the momentary smug satisfaction that it wasn't he who needed help. Read Arthur Miller's prophetic play 'Death of a Salesman' or watch the version with Dustin Hoffman as Willy Loman.

I'm passionate about

My passion is the theatre and directing and producing plays.

Talk to me about

Tell me about your experience of the new world of collaborative business. Talk to me about your experience of redundancy, your emotional response to losing your job and what you have done since.

People don't know I'm good at

As I haven't practised since qualifying, people don't know that I am a Counsellor. I use my training and personal experience in relating to people every day both in and outside the business world.

My TED story

My TED story is one of recovery and reinvention after both I and the colleagues I had worked with for 6 years were made redundant at the end of March 2011. 4 of us took enforced early retirement at the same time, mainly because the financial package offered was worth more than deferring the pension. I had known no other world than education and had gone from school to university to teaching without the Gap Year that is so important to many students today. I then taught, led a department and was on the Senior Leadership Team of a very large comprehensive school. I took an audit of my skills and expertise and decided to go self-employed. I regard my new life as an exciting development, a challenge and a motivator. The security of the paycheck has gone and has been replaced by the uncertainty of the monthly income to supplement my pension. However, the challenge of creating my own living and the freedom to organise my time is motivating and fulfilling. I am reinventing myself.

Comments & conversations

Steve Waters
Posted over 4 years ago
Reinventing government - what would it look like?
Would new models of government be based on social media where the followed have to be endorsed by the followers? Would government be 'in power' according to whether its members were individually rated on likeability on a daily basis? In other words, government would not have a defined period of office - their time governing would be dependent on the score of influence which was constantly being assessed by social medial indices.
Steve Waters
Posted over 4 years ago
Wealth and power have been our conventional measures of success. What definition will better sustain us now and how can we move into it?
Hi Anita.. This is so sad on many levels: it illustrates the values that society places on position, authority and wealth-creation and it tells us that your mother measures herself against these values, while at the same time disregarding the skills she takes for granted and devalues - parenting skills, the ability to move to a different country, to speak a new language and to enable you to be a well-adjusted and thoughtful person. I believe that the old models of business that you describe are being rightfully challenged by the inter-connectedness brought about by social media where honesty, openness, sharing and helping one another without expectation of self-gain are the new values. Please go to Linkedin if you would like to read more about my views.