Khartoum, Sudan


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about earth new places far ones no one ever seen and be the one to make the diffrence in people lives and leave my mark where i go

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life politics astronomy tourism

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anlyzing data any thing sometimes iget it others idont

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found it on youtube by accsident and loved it the idea of the hall organization is amazing

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Posted about 4 years ago
Elliot Krane: The mystery of chronic pain
there is something called Placebo treatment should available in he hospital for handicap the pain this guy feel its because the barin cant yet accept the idea that is missing and a bart of it this why hte barin keep sending signals to that bart withc causes pain to the person
Posted over 4 years ago
Outlaw war. It is challenging is to know that there are people in power who act as if they are heartless.
hi am from suda and i clouldnt agree with u more we here suffer from us goverment policies and stubied thinking the way america leaders act gonna and will get them alot of damge u r seeing it for ur self in the economy over there every one i know of hate the us and wish to do something against because of u interfiring in our country under the cover of human rights
Posted over 4 years ago
Why don't we use technology to have a real Direct Democracy?
well there s no real trobles aginst that but the lack of the will whether it was by the people or the goverments and also the economic factor rpresented by greedy bisnese men or companies and loobies in short alot of sides benfits from the ubsent of real democrasy to solve this we need the puplic awarniese its all comes own to the people mind and what they think this why who ever ownes the media these days got the right to do what ever he want or the want excue my english