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Grace Grace
Posted over 3 years ago
ADHD, Friendships, Social Skills and Medication Am I wrong to not wanting to medicate my son ?
I, like most people here, am not qualified to say if any child needs medication. But here is a thought: If the figures we hear are correct, many many children are using medication for ADHD. 50 Years ago, this was not the case. If there is no reason to believe that ADHD did not exist then, children in those days would have had the same incidence of ADHD. If it were imperative for children to take this medication in order to lead full, happy and productive lives, we would therefore see that in those days a large part of children did badly in school, socially etc. Was this the case? In other words: before we had Ritalin, did a huge percentage of children not learn? Did they lead dysfunctional lives? Did everything go awry because they found it hard to concentrate or sit still? Is present-day society overrun with people who would have done better had they been medicated as children? I don't claim to have the answer, but it seems like a valid question. I think people just got on with it. I worked with some very difficult children in Brazil, where medication is not an option. We managed and they were fine. In a school over here (europe) most of them would have been diagnosed with ADHD. On the other hand you sometimes hear from people that the chaos in their heads calmed when they started Ritalin and they are happier for it. To me, that is the only valid reason for medication: it makes you feel better. If not, don't medicate.