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Brooklyn, NY, United States

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Well im 23 years of age born and grew up in Brooklyn NY. I am a student in SC, I will major in sociology, engineering and biology. Right now in my life there is no space for children of my own because the way this economy is today kids come with a price tag that I cant afford.

An idea worth spreading

You cant put life on hold. Whether you want to believe it or not life is about taking risk the right one's will get you far and the wrong one's will leave you behind.

I'm passionate about

Life, nature, science, current events, a general answer for this would be knowledge.

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Anything, im very diverse although by the looks of my face some will think otherwise.

People don't know I'm good at

Web design, read a lot, interested in physics and oceanography.

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Panton Avila
Posted about 4 years ago
Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions
In my opinion religion is a source of mind control and was developed to seperate people of different cultures. Every religion thinks they are superior to the other. Religion was misinterpreted as worship of a super being instead of the worship of nature. You only believe because you were brought up to not question just do. This is insane, a couple of years ago I've found a picture of the pope praying for the military and their tankers. Arent the soldiers trained to kill, serve and protect and for what reason? who are you protecting and who are you serving? So is it dismissible for the pope to pray for the military? At the end of the war wouldnt it be a so called SIN? If I kill my so called enemy before they kill me what will my family most likely say God was on my side and it wasnt my time to die but what about my enemies family? they may say something like im going to hell for taking there son or daughter's life but they were trained in the military just like me .....Right?? or Wrong?? There are many ways to live a moral life without dedicating your entire life to beliefs and past customs. What about those that are seperated from the modern world. With no access to computers, books, or schools to mold your creativity and still live a peaceful and a culture enriched life without thinking that they will go to heaven or hell?