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Oklahoma City, OK, United States

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Gerald Allen
Posted about 4 years ago
Atheism = 1 belief system, what are the rest of yours?
The problem with the term "Atheist" is the way it is often presented. Most claiming to be Atheist also proclaim that you must be college educated to be smart enough to join the club. I was an Atheist at 6 yr. When I could not get answers as to why God needed my money. This started me asking questions that upset many people in my life. My parent were very upset. But, back to my thoughts. Too many times, I have heard that Christians are dumb and that is why they believe so strongly. The first time I met an Atheist I disliked the theory due to the attitude of the speaker. Atheists are making enemies due to the "I am better then you attitude." That is the real problem. Christians don't call people stupid to get their point across. Atheists do. There is the problem. If you want to convert me BE NICE, DON'T CALL ME UNEDUCATED OR STUPID. I don't call myself an Atheist for these reasons. I don't believe in GOD but I won't claim a bunch of stuck up smart-asses either .