Silvia ViganĂ²

Subtitler for hearing impaired people, Cinematext Media Italia
Milano, Italy

About Silvia


I work for a company providing subtitles for hearing impaired people for tv programs. From 2007 to 2009 I have worked as subtitler from English to Italian.
I'm actually attending a Master's degree in Postcolonial translation. I gained a MA in 2009 at the University of Milan with a thesis on Drum Magazine (one of the most important South African magazine published between 1951 and 1965). I gained a BA in 2006 with the following thesis: The English Language in New Zealand: between Oppression and Self-expression.



Areas of Expertise

English-Italian subtitles for MTV Italia, Subtitles for hearing impaired people, Website translations

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about English language and culture, South Africa and its history, Australia and New Zealand. I like travelling and meeting people from other countries.