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Ventura, CA, United States

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Jong Jong "Jingle Jangle" Baek
Posted over 3 years ago
Misunderstanding Ethics and the purpose of this talk
"Science and ethics must go hand in hand. When they don't, science has done unconscionable things." And I agree. Ethics is what grounds scientists to their feet of morality. As we have seen in the past, reason can be used for the unreasonable - or even for the atrocious - and we must always remain vigilant and keep "science" within the realm of con"science". Despite that, however, we must also remain vigilant and keep ethics in check. While science has done unconscionable things, unethical ethics has stunted and hindered beneficial science. Logic must be used to reason - to decide what is reasonable - and prevent the dogmas of old Christianity from hindering future scientific progress. While I am a church-goer, I believe that faith or religion should not interfere in the matters of science (and to an extent, political legislation regarding science). The ethics of science, the ethics of reason, I believe, is a whole different sphere from religion. Reason must be kept within reason and I'd rather not have another Dark Ages. We should not fear scientific progress, but rather steer it to the way as it is most beneficial to our society.