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Lillian Bradley
Posted about 4 years ago
How do we reduce single use and disposable plastics in our package, production and supply streams and move towards a sustainable world?.
Move backwards. Although not ancient, I am old enough to remember glass bottles and paper milk cartons and paper bags. Everything had a use. Grocery bags became trash bags, pop bottles went back to the factory and were refilled. Toys came in boxes or simply sat on the shelves. My Barbie Dream House was printed cardboard, all of it except the cellophane sliding door. Before milk cartons there were bottles that were refilled, just like any other beverage. Basically, we used everything we purchased, and honestly there wasn't the amount of trash in my home growing up as I see in my children's homes. And there's this, we didn't consume then like people do now. We had less. Homes were under 1000 square feet, Look at the size of closets in post war homes. There was little to no electronic waste, televisions were kept going by replacing a tube.