Michael Huston

Boone, IA, United States

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Michael Huston
Posted over 3 years ago
What dreams do you have for the world?
My dream would be to use the technology we have now to completely change work, commuting, and even property markets: If a person's job is to work on a computer, then there is no reason to drive to work, it wastes gas and a businesses money on a large building it doesn't need. Instead, one could work at home on a networked computer and video conference when needed. Maybe one would need a face-to-face every now and then. What this also means is that one does not need to live in an overprice, overpopulated city either; one could live in a different state/country. For clarity, thinking about my home, it's inexpensive here in Iowa, but in California, it'd cost 10X more (I'm not exaggerating either). Now think of how many cars would be off the road, not wasting fuel or polluting the air. Since I still have plenty of characters: I'd also like to do away with tangible money. Who knows who or how many people have touched or done what to the paper bill or metal coin (theirs is sure to be fecal-coli on them)? Moreover, it costs money to make the money that doesn't even last very long. Think of all the people who already use debt for every purchase where it is possible. Sure, some security issues need improved, but it's doable.