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Web security, Translation and Interpretation

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Fitness (working out), English, funny stuff (videos, jokes, pictures), quotes, grammar, TV shows, films, music, computers.

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Music, TV shows, computers, life, love.

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Drawing, writing.

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Petre Alexandru Popescu
Posted about 4 years ago
TED Translator Certificate for the volunteer translators. Our CV would love it.
Matthieu, this is just a flaw, it can be managed. They can do two things in order to avoid this situation: - the reviewers should have the ability to rate the translator's work (if the translation was bad, it wouldn't be taken into consideration) - set a minimum translations required before getting that certificate And maybe there are other ways. I want to say that I mentioned TED Translator on my CV, too, but a certificate would be more welcome than a few words written by myself.