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Melbourne, Australia

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Matthew Newton
Posted about 4 years ago
How do you imagine self driving cars will change the future?
The best discussion so far on this. My mind has been spinning ever since the video. Here's how I see it. Firstly, personal car ownership will go the way of the dodo. Imagine Vodafone or Sprint but for cars. You will sign up to a monthly plan which covers 1000km + 5c/km.. for example. Secondly, the majority of vehicles will be super-light. No steel required to protect one's self. Thirdly, these fleets would definitely be fuelled by electricity generated by solar or wind power. Even if you were taking a journey longer than the car could handle (say.. 1000km+), another car could meet you and take over. Fourth, pretty much anyone who works on the ground level in logistics or transport will lose their job.. as will those associated with mechanics, auto parts dealerships, petrol station attendants, car parts manufacturers, car insurance, car finance, car sales, cute car accessories... Fifth, these vehicles will not only travel with a small gap, they will very often travel with zero gap, automatically linking up with one another in an enormous improvement in aerodynamics much like cyclists. Given that these cars will begin to emerge while other cars are still on the road, they will probably occupy the far lane in order not to get in the way of human drivers Sixth, the need to park will be eliminated, thereby dispensing with all parking stations, parking spots and inner-city congestion... probably killing off many inner-city roads which could be converted to parks, public space or additional housing. Seventh, the roads will probably start seeing vehicles that specifically sell products to those who are moving - coffee, lunch, whatever.. Eigth, the cost of housing construction, food and most basic necessities will drop as more space becomes available and very importantly the huge cost of logistics evaporates. Ninth, contrary to expectations an enormous rise in cycling on the now-safe roads