Molly Lavik

Redondo Beach, CA, United States

About Molly


Founder & CEO of Mentorograpy, Inc.Creators of educational forums, panels, case studies and digital content as well as advisors to socially-responsible entrepreneurs and start-ups.

An idea worth spreading

Open Source Education: Education should be free and accessible by all!

I'm passionate about

Helping early-stage, socially-responsible entrepreneurs find success!

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Profit with purpose

People don't know I'm good at

Gymnastics, helping those in need, solving complex, complicated problems, not ever giving up

My TED story

I developed a new learning approach called mentorographies which is the idea of learning from the insights of others. It's not about getting a degree, reading a textbook, or sitting in class but all about benefiting from the mind-set of someone successful as well as getting real-time coaching so you truly have zero limits to what you take on in life!

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