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E.Michelle Lee is a Radio Show Host, Public Relations Paraprofessional Consultant, Speaker, and author of “The Exceptions to the Rules”

Michelle has researched over 400 business subjects and human needs that she provides solutions for to individuals and businesses with truthful advice while being entertaining and light-hearted as solutions. Her approach; 3Deep Formula (3X3X3=?) is humorous and resource-rich.

Prior to her experience as a Vice President of an international IT company, Michelle worked on various projects in the legal, government, private, and non-profit sector. She enjoys working with people from various socio-economic strata and a multitude of life experiences. She is: An Exception To The Rule!


English, Sign language

Areas of Expertise

Motivational Speaker, Paraprofessional Business Consultant, author, Contracts Specialist, Human Maladies, Research & Consulting

An idea worth spreading

I believe that if we use the model Give Back 2 Pay Forward ; we can revive our economy. Implementing this group structure is imperative to create the kind of accountability and commitment required to make significant mindset changes.

It’s the pay forward concept only it’s in response to something that someone else paid forward. It is Give Back. By giving these women the support and real resources that they need; they will succeed “at the speed of business” and help revive our economy by first creating jobs for themselves and then hiring people to create more jobs.

If we work together to establish this concept all over our country; we will create jobs and B2B with small business owners. By connecting resources that are not available otherwise to individuals and entrepreneurs; we can create jobs.

To learn more about the Exceptions Method contact E Michelle Lee .

I'm passionate about

Changing the mindset of people from give me what I can get to let me “give back” to the “pay forward” I received. I can only image how quickly our economy would recover if we all just reach with 1Hand

Talk to me about

Resources, Supplies, Encouraging others, Giving Back to your own Payforward, Business, inspiring music- events that you would like to invite me to speak, questions you may have but never ask

People don't know I'm good at

That I have multiple talents including painting - WCPainting"Son & Pony"By:E Michelle Lee Support Exceptions FreshlyPainted http://goo.gl/f4e33

My TED story

I have a huge inspirational story. It’s bigger than me. I have yet to learn how to tell it due to the extreme spectra and wide range of issues. Over 400 subject matters researched that affects many individuals, especially women. I believe with all my heart that I have personally dealt with and overcome so many different obstacles so that I can help a wide range of people. By the Grace of God I live my dreams while helping others reach theirs.

From 19 operations -last one was from a car accident that broke my neck, 17 different schools, 150lb weight loss in 11 months time, survivor of KKK attack, disabled at 26 years old, single mom of 2, three careers, global presence, Author of the Exceptions To The Rules, Motivational Speaker, Sr. Paralegal; Business Consultant Coach, Contract Specialist, Entertainer; shall I go on?? I have picked myself up by the boot straps enough times to call myself an expert.

You may want to read my story- My name is “E."

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E Michelle Lee
Posted over 4 years ago
Full Spectrum auditions: Open thread
I think these open auditions are a great new way to allow people like myself to share with a larger scope of people; our dreams, passions, and Causes. While my message is not per say NEW- as it is a timeless gem- My approach is new and exhilarating. Please share any examples of a 1 min presentation that you have received. Aha, here's an idea, go ahead and start posting the ones you have received. That way,, the ones of us who have come in thereafter can learn from the pros being uploaded??? Just a thought. Again, thank you for this honor and opportunity to perform in my own unique way through song, laughter, and lots of info. Sincerely, "E." Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules!
E Michelle Lee
Posted over 4 years ago
Full Spectrum auditions: Open thread
Hi Nick, sure am glad I came over here to check out the blog and get a few more tips of how to put this 1 MIN video together. I hope to wow woo and Lord how mercy- get ya'lls attention. Love the examples you shared some really great stories that were all at least 11-18 min long. Do you have any examples of a 1 MIN wow presentation? Waiting by - just found out about this and am so excited Im besides myself! thanks for any tips: "E." Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules!