Luuk van Egeraat

Lead Front End Developer, Bullingdon Research
Wijchen, Netherlands

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I'm a web-application developer & Javascript enthusiast.


Dutch, English

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Change should go hand-in-hand with joy and fascination

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Luuk van Egeraat
Posted about 4 years ago
What do you want from the news?
I would prefer less "zooming in" from national news outlets. (e.g. single homicide) because that kind of news creates a distorted perception of reality. But I actually turned my back to "news" in the traditional TV/magazine way. I pick community-oriented news outlets & specific organisations. I bundle them up and use Twitter to provide me the links to their news! Ow and, after watching it begs the question: Is it even worth it to watch global news? Almost all the topics preferred by the speaker to become "Long Stories" are not shown on TV and such. EDIT: To back up my point on "distorted perception"
Luuk van Egeraat
Posted about 4 years ago
How can we empower kids to reshape the education system? *A TEDActive Education Project Question*
Thanks for the link! It was great to take a look at. The only downside I could think of was the amount of time spent at schools / tutors. Therefor I would never have been interested. So far the Khan Academy really excites me, I hope they will expand their Exercises (only Math so far). Also, what do you think should change within higher education? Besides that everyone should watch TED ^^ (I believe you posted that somewhere)