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Posted over 4 years ago
ADHD, Friendships, Social Skills and Medication Am I wrong to not wanting to medicate my son ?
ADHD kids have to MOVE their order to Think. If you give your child medication that stops that..then you know..what the future outcome will be. Schools were designed around the Industrial Revolution..when we needed workers...and this system is still set in create more worker bees or drones..however you look at it..Medicating your child will create a drone like that I will kill his spark..which will destroy him slowly....but what put him in a dance class?? whatever dance..he enjoyed..what kind of Activity would be created? We would rather control than understand..and the more we control..the less we understand it..We won't take the fully understand the evolutionary purpose/reasoning behind ADD/ADHD ..rather we just want it gone....Ask: But what if we need fast/creative thinkers in the future to think up solutions to problems we have't been faced with?? what if we need daring individuals who arn't conditioned to help the rest of us... what if we need such the save us...just from an evolutionary perspective.. what if we would all need to MOVE in the THINK...what then? We are a society of Instant Gratificationists..and its all Centered on ME thinking.. We see Problem, Gratify us with a Solution.. Also..We want others to do what we, ourselves wouldn't want to do...example..we want other people to put their children on medication..but we wouldn't take the medication ourselves or give it to our loved ones... You don't need..Drones judging your son..if you need anymore..clarity on the matter..Just See Ken Robinson's lectures....and apply it to your life..or your son's life..and then Re-Evaluate..the need to ask for HELP..and question..if its Truly necessary..or can we just Co-exist...before we become Co-Dependant on numb us to the point of no return... Also please see: Hyper video feed..