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Hobart, Australia

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Long term social and environmental advocate / activist / communicator. Based in Tasmania, Australia.

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Chris Harries
Posted over 4 years ago
What is the greatest security challenge facing humanity today?
A triumvirate of three interlocking problems. 1. Oil depletion, closely coupled to 2. the precarious global financial bubble, and both of those problems being exacerbated by 3. climate change. Caught in a pincer by these three challenges is food, and this will manifest as the major breakdown symptom. Already is. Food insecurity will be the major cause of social and political unrest in coming decades. Too many well meaning folk are dealing with these challenges as single problems rather than systemically. Avoiding partial collapse of society that these challenges will precipitate is no longer possible, but we can do a great deal to bring about an emergent culture that is far more sane and enjoyable and sustainable.