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Somerset, NJ, United States

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Senia Coh
Posted about 4 years ago
If you were a member of Virtual Choir, Eric Whitacre's incredible global collaboration please share your story & journey with us & the world
I love music. I can't imagine my life without it. When I heard Eric Whitacre talking about his idea of Virtual Choir in September 2010 on the NPR show, I immediately knew I have to be a part of it. The idea of connecting with other people from different cultures, languages, religions etc. through music was so appealing to me. I spent a week or more singing my part almost every day to record the video properly. My neighbors were smiling when we crossed outside and I was thinking - it was all because of that fortissimo part at the end of the piece!! (The walls in our apartment complex are very thin) My husband, who was very patient during this time, couldn't stop singing my part for a while - he learned the dynamics, lyrics and everything! (Usually he is very reluctant to sing) It was so funny. Next time I will drag him in too :)