Todd Fenwick

Transition Coordinator, Hunterdon Learning Center
Phillipsburg, NJ, United States

About Todd


I am the Transition Instructor at small rural private day school for students with Special Needs. It is my job to guide them along the path into adulthood and prepare them for the challenges and dreams that lay in wait. I found TED last year after hearing about it at a workshop and been encouraging my students to emerse themselves in the wonder that TED creates. It was been a wonderfully successful experience...



Areas of Expertise

Special Education & Technology, Transition Services

An idea worth spreading

The two percent rule of population. Take any groups of people and two percent of that population represents either the very worst of that given popuation, or the very best of that population. This theory is born out of conversations with young people who have the misconception that certain groups are all bad, ie police officers, catholic priests, etc. My argument has always been that that is a misperception, and that in fact it is only a very small part of any group that in fact "bad" and thus misrepresent that population. This theory can also be used when talking about the "best" part of a population. I have no illusions that theory is in the same vein of the 6 degrees of separation theory and as such not wholly quantifiable.

I'm passionate about

Passion, wonder, learning, creativity, and self-expression


Trenton State College

Talk to me about

Passion for topics that are near to your heart.

People don't know I'm good at

Telling stories of my past, some you will laugh at, some you will cry at and one or two may even make you think about the world in a new way.