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Portland, OR, United States

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Charles Bosse
Posted over 4 years ago
How do we encourage society to see the value of arts and creativity outside the context of business or industry?
It is a strange notion that we should not be forced to pay for anything we don't want to. How, then, would the world work? Many of the things I purchase, for instance, force me to pay for advertising: I don't want to pay for this advertising, but I am forced to pay for it anyway. Other things I purchase force me to pay for transport: I would be quite happy to purchase the same item made on the spot, but I have to pay for transport anyway because the item is not offered "made on the spot". I am forced to pay for the corn that feeds cattle, even though I rarely eat meat and even more rarely eat red meat. I am forced to pay for the education of many people who are likely to fail in life because they can't pay for their own basic needs. I am forced to pay for a stable environment for people to do business in, even if I think their business is unethical. I am "forced" to pay for these things, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't - because ultimately the fact that I pay for these things means I also pay for things I really need, and share the cost of that so that my money can have better value: i.e. better outcome for its cost. People who live without military protection, rule of law, communication, or education clearly have poorer quality of life. Of course, there are regions of the world with -true- economic freedom. We call them failed states, but these are places where you could operate in anonymity while providing for yourself solely out of whatever resources you could scrounge together on your own. To me this is not a viable price for the right to "only pay for what I want" but it is an option for any who desire to work in such a system.