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If You are interested in a clean non-carbon future energy source please read on. To give direction to scientists, engineers, and students. For research and development, for when fossil fuels are no longer an option. Sooner if Possible. ( You may also be interested in a newly designed, high efficiency, wind turbine at
The best way to describe the future energy source is to make a two minute long video. Showing the arrival, departure, activities in between and its' energy source, with precise details, of an easily identifiable flying disc. As it was seen in 1977, with 20/30 vision. While standing one hundred feet close to it. Yes, You understood it correctly the first time, there is no need to re-read it.
Not to try to convince or even address, cynics or detractors. Strictly for pure science and posterity.
Investors, professional film makers and distributors, contact natstr or phone Nat at (772) 464-7529 E.S.T. .

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Nat Strafaci
Posted almost 4 years ago
What if Hawks & Doves Married Moral Codes?
Hello Andrea, To directly answer your question, what if hawks and doves married moral codes. They did, a long time ago, in a far away land and they had a beautiful daughter, and her name was Geneva. And then there was another marriage, and they had a son and his name was CIA. But you have to be very, very careful not to upset CIA. Because CIA is a very, very protective poppa bear. And if you upset CIA he will make you famous. And you will be in the daily news. So now the hawks and the doves are taking marital advice from George Clooney. So at least the doves can live happily ever after. Your discussion is a great one. Hope you can read in between my lines. I was named 7 years after my fathers oldest brother died in war, at the age of 24 .
Nat Strafaci
Posted almost 4 years ago
Change Through Imagination and Fiction: we need to communicate our ideas & visions to make them real.
Hello Again Simone, This is great subject for exchanging ideas . Am glad that you appreciated the positive comment.The ways that real life is more unbelievable than fiction are vast. Including all of the common yet life altering events. Ranging from some of lifes' greatest and unexpected joys, surprises, scares and close calls, to its' most devastating tragedies. All for the one and only same reason, because they are real. They are the basis of all fiction.Just posted a TED Conversation of a real life experience that is more unbelievable than fiction. How is that for coincidence?As far as 25 being young or very young. Age, like most things in life, is relative. In your case, your accomplishments and point of view are most impressive. Looking forward to many more meaningful and interesting TED conversations from you, and maybe a book or film someday.Most Sincerely, Nat
Nat Strafaci
Posted almost 4 years ago
What's your TED habit?
Daily soon. Because of two clean alternative energy sources that i would like to share with the world. Both better than anything that is available now. One for when fossil fuels will no longer be an option for the inhabitants of this primarily narrow minded, small, muddy planet. That day is coming sooner than anyone wants to admit. You're no dummy,(Chris my friend, whom i have never met) do the simple math. But usually once or twice a week just to stay informed.