Jade Walker

Journalist, Night Owl News
Hinsdale, NH, United States

About Jade


Jade Walker is a veteran journalist with more than 20 years of experience covering international/national affairs, crime, the publishing industry, new media and obituaries.

Ms. Walker has worked as the overnight editor/producer for Yahoo! News, The Associated Press and The New York Times. She has published or appeared in 15 books, including the dark poetry collection, "Sex, Death and Other..." (2002, Metropolis Ink). Currently, she edits Night Owl News, writes obits for The Blog of Death, produces The Written Word quote service and blogs for the Obituary Forum, Once Upon a Time... and Jade Walker's Oddities. Ms. Walker is also an Internet bloodhound -- if it's online, she can find it.



Areas of Expertise

Journalism, Obituary Writing, Cooking and Baking