Javiera Correa

Viña Del Mar, Chile

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English, Spanish

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Ecoturism, Spiritual exploration

An idea worth spreading

I would say an idea worth spreading is that we should unite, dont be afraid any more and change once and for all the absurd sistem we live in; without violence, but simple not giving our power to other people, to this sistem tha make us slaves. We are beyond laws, beyond morality, beyond "musts" and "should be", even beyond religion, politicians, popes... Anyway, there is always the thought that all of this is only a game and we will all laugh when we remember ourselfs again... and perhaps, we will create another one...

I'm passionate about

Finding the Truth about the human nature and "what´s beyond all this". I love new and unimaginable technologies. Ecology, nature, the invisible, the cosmos. But most of all the truth beyond the mind.

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Javiera Correa
Posted over 3 years ago
On demand novels
David, I think it is a good idea, but mostly for editors as a way to know which book is best to develop and even print into a real novel. But you could perfectly develop a nice and professional website were you can invite writters to upload the beggining of their novels and let the people read and comment. I think it can work. Good luck!