Emir Ozer

Istanbul, Turkey

About Emir


My linkedin profile holds the most up-to-date info : tr.linkedin.com/pub/emir-ozer/53/9a8/351/en


English, Turkish

Areas of Expertise

Computer Science , Game Design, Mobile Software Clients, Android, Game Development

An idea worth spreading

"Empathy" is the word thats gonna save us eventually , its the unique ability to see the way "they" see , feel the way "they" feel , think the way "they" think..no matter where you are from , no matter what your skin color is , no matter what you do believe in.. try to become a "Human" first of all..

I'm passionate about

Time and Space
Game Design
3d Design

Talk to me about

Computer Science
Video games and their future
3d design

People don't know I'm good at

windsurfing :)

My TED story

If i remember correctly it was 2009 , end of summer , my close friend send me a link to ted talk :
"Michael Pritchard's water filter turns filthy water drinkable" ..
By the time the talk ended i was so inspired by the fact that this man i have never seen before invented something that will save so many lifes , and he did it in his garage..i was shocked and disappointed why i ve never heard TED community before , it was like "i belong here" ...i guess, i was hungry for some inspiration .
years past by i've watched most of the talks that interests me and its time for me to start contributing TED community and start translating :)

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