Pati Piper

Soprano, Performer, Teacher, Eastman Rochester Chorus
Rochester, NY, United States

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Pati Piper
Posted about 4 years ago
If you were a member of Virtual Choir, Eric Whitacre's incredible global collaboration please share your story & journey with us & the world
Summer....several years ago....Chautauqua Institution, an artist colony in the southern tier of New York.....our choir director extraordinaire Jared Jacobsen introduced a composition Lux Aurumque....and forever after I am changed....lifted to a higher plane....the intensity we all felt in performing this work was extraordinary. I am a Mom says I sang before I could speak. I have spent my life teacher....performing has been so wonderful. I, like Albert Schweitzer, have found music....and be my bliss. I adored the Virtual Choir performance of brought me to tears. I am now an Eric Whitacre....apostle...I sang in the Chicago performance of Paradise Lost:Shadows and Wings...I uploaded my video to Youtube for Sleep, VC 2.0 after much techno stress...I am an experienced singer and yet I had to practice and practice....and learn how to upload a technogeek students to help me as usual.....god, I miss them...I have heard EW speak, I have sung his music, I am one of over 2000 who are singing in the exclamations of EW......WooHoo!!!! Much love to EW and my VC family xoxoxoxoxoxo