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Apex, NC, United States

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Anna Nieman
Posted over 3 years ago
If you were a member of Virtual Choir, Eric Whitacre's incredible global collaboration please share your story & journey with us & the world
It was probably the oddest thing I have ever done, sitting at my computer with pajama bottoms and black on top, singing a song composed for SATB into a web cam....alone. When I first discovered Eric's "Lux" virtual choir, I was speechless.I have sung in choirs for years, and know full well the importance of not just learning the music together, but feeling the music together, breathing together, experiencing it together. It's what good choirs do. But this. This video showed that same emotional and musical connection even though I knew none of them had ever even met, much less rehearsed together. So when Eric announced his intentions for Virtual Choir 2.0, I knew I had to be a part of it. That's how I ended up in a rather ridiculous outfit, wearing headphones and singing high As into a webcam. Alone. It was rather hard at first, not because singing by myself was difficult (years of singing in a college a cappella group kicked that out of me) but I had never realized just how much I drew from other singers. A half dozen technical glitches later, I was officially part of the virtual choir. When the final total for the video came out, I was amazed. Over 2000 voices, singing alone, at different times, in different places...united. People who may never meet, might not speak the same language, and live very different lives...together, united in song for a brief moment. Unified, in harmony. Across the world...yet together. Call us what you will...choir geeks, divas who will take any oppertunity to show off our voices, perfectionists, one-take-wonders, dorks who may never have the courage to sing outside the shower, friends on a dare, or professional musicians. And maybe we are. Or are we just ordinary people, living ordinary lives, who will do anything to be part of something bigger than ourselves? Something extroidinary? Something beautiful? Something..heavenly?