About Vivian


As an ardent language junkie, being a translator gives me the chance to indulge my passion for both complex and exceedingly rich language and culture.

Have more than 9 years of Chinese and English translation experience. The translation & Interpretation services I have provided include:

2010-2011 International Conference Call Interpretation for Global Surveillance Inc.
(Chinese-English, English-Chinese)
2010 Legal interpreting and translation in asylum/immigration proceedings.
(Chinese-English, English-Chinese)
2010 Positioning survey translation for DuPon. (English-Chinese)
2010 Marketing e-brochure translation for Lifestyle Property Solutions.
2009 Company website content translation for TraderPanda.com
2009 Symposium interpretation for a government delegation from Anji County,
China. (Chinese-English, English-Chinese)
2009 Internal communication material translation for International Hotel Group.
2009 Business correspondences translation for Countdown Interactive Media
Technology Ltd in Shandong, China. (Chinese-English)
2008 Promotional flyers translation for Disney Cruise Line & Resort. (English-Chinese)
2008-2009 Marketing brochures translation for Verizon Wireless. (English-Chinese)
2008 Marketing newsletters for McDonald’s. (English-Chinese)
2005-2008 Weekly news column translation for Chinese Living Newspaper in Dallas, TX.
2006 Legal Documents translation for Kane Russell Coleman & Logan Attorneys &
Counselors (Chinese-English, English-Chinese)
2005 Hired by Dallas Market Center for two-week meeting interpretation for a business
delegation from Shanghai, China, (Chinese-English, English-Chinese)
2005 Business proposal translation for Mozart Cafe Inc. (English-Chinese)
2003 Business correspondences translation for Grayco Bank Products Inc.,
2002 Tele-banking material translation and voice-over for American First National
Bank. (English-Chinese)


Cantonese, Chinese, English

Areas of Expertise

Marketing, IT, Fashion, Music, Art, Literature, Movies

I'm passionate about

Reading, Writing, Movies, Music, Playing Piano and Latin Dance.

Talk to me about

Anything intriguing to me.

People don't know I'm good at

I'm a good cook!