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Laura Mason
Posted about 3 years ago
Should TED allow demonstrations of military equipment and uniform on the TED stage?
Whether or not you like the fact that we have a military, we do. And we have everyday men and women serving in that military. When overseas, they go through more hardships and grueling physical conditions then a lot of people stateside can even imagine. So why anyone would object to a technology that makes their lives easier and helps prevent back injuries being displayed on TED is a mystery to me. Granted, this technology can be used to increase the effectiveness of military personnel, but it was designed because they are already being asked to cary extremely heavy equipment and many of them are sustaining back injuries. An idea that makes people's lives easier (and let's all remember, soldiers are PEOPLE whether you agree with their chosen profession or not) and prevents injury is absolutely an idea worth spreading. And shame on you for making a debate about the role of the military.