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French in crazy London (or may be crazy French in London?)
Globetrotter and bookworm, I am passionate about new technology, media and digital content.


English, French

Areas of Expertise

Computer science and engineering, Business Administration, Media and Entertainment, digital economy, eBusiness, Electronics

I'm passionate about

New technology, cinema, entertainment and digital content.

Talk to me about

Technology, entertainment, self-empowerment, genius ideas and anything you're passionate about. Passion is highly contagious !

My TED story

I discovered TED some years ago when a friend send me the link to a genius talk. I then went to watch many many talks on different subjects and share them with my friends and familly... until one day I realised that a lot of my friends couldn't access this knowledge because they didn't speak English well enough to understand the talks. I then started to take part in the English/French translation of the talks in order to help them discover new interests and passions.

Favorite talks