Debra Hall

Community Artist, Activist, Organizer, Poet, Facilitator, Freelance / Self-employed
Nr Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

About Debra


I'm a community artist/freelance writer. I am interested in how creativity channels education and my work focuses on this in the main. I write too - all words including reviews and poetry.

My education was very average, having grown up on a council estate in Norwich, UK and I felt, for many years, my education had held me back and had limited opportunities for me. When my eldest child developed a school phobia from an early age I decided that I wished to take my role as a parent that bit further than most consider doing, so took the decision to home educate - it seemed the best thing to do. Subsequently, I have been a home educator for 12 years now. My daughter is now attending sixth form in a school in order to gain A-levels, while my son continues with his pre-16 in a home based capacity.

I feel the children have not had a bohemian upbringing. as this is often the notion in regard to this lifestyle choice. Academic achievements have never been a priority, nevertheless the children have received a broad and balanced education. I consider neither to be none the worse for sharing everyday of their young lives with their enthusiastic mother! For me, it has been a hugely fulfilling experience and I feel fortunate to have had a second stab at my education through guiding and supporting my children through theirs.

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I'm passionate about

Alternative approaches to education and in supporting projects that are open minded to creative and imaginative ideas that support conceptual and praticial responses in regard to teaching/learning.

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education, schooling, home education, lifestyle, community projects, parenting,

People don't know I'm good at

painting, creative writing, the drawing and sketching of people, and traditional comic book making.

My TED story

The most infuential TED talk for me was delivered by Sir Ken Robinson called Changing Education Paradigms. Blew my mind!

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Debra Hall
Posted over 3 years ago
Imagine if this method could be used to analyze the effectiveness of teaching.
I agree Deb Roy's comprehensive approach to collecting data could be used to measure students and pupils practical responses to their teacher(s) over a given period of time in a classroom environment. Much of this could be used to analyse and gauge the conceptual understanding and behaviour patterns of the young people, as well as the effectiveness of the teacher(s). I too, am extremely interested in understanding how words and their meanings can be conveyed in naturalistic terms in order to widen ones vocabulary for example. A TV celebrity here in the UK, Jamie Oliver, has recently opened up a Dream School experiment providing opportunity for a group of young people to be taught by high flyers, famous actors, musicians, historians, scientists and the such, all proven experts in their area of work. I could not resist reviewing the show as I write an educational themed blog. I think you'll agree if you watch some of the videos I link to, that we have a long way to go before we understand how to teach effectively and how we can begin to understand why a child loses the interest and enthusiasm for learning as they grow and when schooling comes in to play