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High School Student
Warsaw, Poland

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TED junkie


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Have courage to do things. Always stand out and share. Ask yourself: am I happy? Then follow your heart and do what makes you/would make you so. Strive for happines and enjoy moments of it. Moments - because the constant state of happiness doesn't exist - we have just those little periods of time which make our lives complete and give us strenght to take action.

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Music, particularly violin and ukulele, psychology, chemistry, life

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Anything that comes to your mind

Comments & conversations

Anna Białas
Posted over 3 years ago
What are your thoughts and questions on "the magic washing machine"?
Well, first, you're an excellent, very engaging speaker. I hardly ever see someone with the passion like you have. The second thing is that I really liked your speech. I mean - it wasn't 100% serious but it doesn't have to be. The washing machine is a great leading theme and at the same time pretty unconventional. You presented the topic in a very catchy and surprising way. And the punchline - very funny. I loved it. However, I have an impression that you could have done it with more of an insight. It was rather short and you just gave the audience a quick draft of what is going on. I wish I could see you developing the topic, giving more information, statistics (I know you're good at it ;). I'd be very curious to see a modified, longer version of "the magic washing machine".
Anna Białas
Posted over 3 years ago
How can creativity and chronic depression coexist?
Well, I think that when we're depressed, we're more focused on ourselves. This implicates a lot of daydreaming which evokes creativity. When we're sad, we easily get distracted and start thinking. Creativity is a natural consequence of it - being misereable becomes not enough to express ourselves (that's of course simplification ;)