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Jerusalem, Israel

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Specialization is limiting our natural potential. If only we could resist the desire to categorize and narrow ourselves, if only it were it encouraged to pursue multiple lines of interest in disparate directions- then true innovation and creativity could come through radical and unexpected associations. Each time we say, "When I grow up, I want to be ____," we cut off a part of our latent selves, which no longer has been given room to grow and develop naturally, because it's not seen as being relevant. If, instead, we could give free reign to our inclinations, pursuing mastery of whatever we happened to be interested in at the time, then we'd become lifelong learners and innovators.

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Education, design, sustainability, creativity, multidisciplinary practices, unbounded learning

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Sarabeth Reingold
Posted about 4 years ago
Eve Ensler: Happiness in body and soul
I myself have thought that the women speech-givers all seem to look like supermodels... The men-eh. But apparently to be a woman and be on TED, you need to be either abnormally gorgeous or abnormally brilliant (and then probably odd-looking).