Aaron Weyenberg

UX Lead, TED
Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Aaron


I'm a product designer for the curious minded.

And I'm lucky.

Every day I get work with some of the sharpest minds I've ever known while serving as UX Lead for TED. We work hard to produce engaging products and features for our growing community of inquisitive souls.

Prior to TED, I consulted with New England based startups and was an Art Director for ESPN, where I advanced front-end design standards and helped pioneer the first live sports applications.

Before ESPN, I worked for some of Colorado's top design agencies, leading interactive projects for clients like Spyder, Steamboat, and HP.

My academic background is best described as a frankenstein mashup of computer science, engineering and communication design from three different universities, finally settling on a B.S. from Michigan Technological University.

Offline I like to learn about science, social psychology, human behavior and generally what makes people do what they do.

TED Conferences

TEDWomen 2015, TED2015, TED2014, TEDGlobal 2013, TED2013, TEDGlobal 2012, TED2012

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about lots of things, but lately about what makes people do irrational things, make poor decisions, succumb to logical fallacies, and be influenced by their biases.

Talk to me about

Design, Human Irrationality, The Future

People don't know I'm good at

Singing. Not that I'm spectacular or anything, but people always seem surprised to learn I was in a boychoir for four years, and even performed as far away as Moscow.

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Comments & conversations

Aaron Weyenberg
Posted about 3 years ago
Reggie Watts: Beats that defy boxes
"Everything you are is more important to realize the negative space, as music is only the division of space that is the space we are listening to, divided as such, which gives us the information in comparison to something other, that gives us the idea of what the idea that wants to be transmitted wants to be." Totally agree.
Aaron Weyenberg
Posted almost 4 years ago
Philip Zimbardo: The demise of guys?
William Pollack was on to a lot of these themes over ten years ago when he wrote Real Boys. I encourage those with an interest in this subject to give it a read: http://www.amazon.com/Real-Boys-Rescuing-Myths-Boyhood/dp/0805061835