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Biomedical Engineer, Galileo Group
Morrisville, NC, United States

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Medical Imaging, Medical Device

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Travis Zhang
Posted almost 3 years ago
Martin Jacques: Understanding the rise of China
Let me try to address the mention of Han Chinese and their disrespect/disregard of the minorities, because I think I am more qualified than vast majority of Chinese here. Like most of Chinese , I am Han but unlike most of Chinese, I grow up as minority in China with Muslims and Tibetans in a small town in the far west of China. There are some prejudgments toward Muslims by some Han Chinese. They generally think that Muslims are more violent, less educated and many Han don't like the fact that our mayor has to be Muslim since we are Autonomous Prefecture. There is tension, but it is not bad at least not as bad as the tension between the black and white in US. One interesting thing is that many Han Chinese are changing their ethnicity on the paper to Muslims and Tibetans to take advantage of all the Affirmative Actions, like fast track promotion in the government and much easier access to top universities. One anecdote is that my parents are both doctors and well connected, when I was 14 they wanted to change my ethnicity to Tibetan so that I can get in a good school. Being young and naive, I refused. :-)
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Travis Zhang
Posted about 3 years ago it still worth the money ?
Of course, not only is it worth it, but is essential for the survival of our current system. We need to constantly stimulate and manipulated people into buying and consuming more and we are getting better at it. We use latest technology like fMRI to study our deepest instinct to find how to trigger the "buy" button. Of course, we assume that the resources are limitless...
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Travis Zhang
Posted about 3 years ago
Wael Ghonim: Inside the Egyptian revolution
To raise and overthrow one dictator is easy but to build a functional and prosperous country where common people can improve their lives is difficult. I am not sure if Egyptians will be better off after this revolution and we will see. I am no fan of Chinese government, but I don't see any good alternative right now. Any radical change will only bring chaos and suffering to the people. In the past 3 decades, it is fair to say that they did a pretty good job and you and I experienced it and have greatly benefited from it. Democracy is an inevitable consequence of economic development and should only happen slowly over the time. It is a luxury not many countries can afford right now. For example, in US, the two sides are much more interested in fighting each other than getting anything done. While US, as the most wealthy country, can afford to have their unemployed paid for not working for 2 years, China certainly can not. So, do not expect anything overnight, but do push whenever you can.