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I'm 16 years old and I currently live in New Mexico, but I'm originally from Germany. I lived in Germany for 14 years of my life, before I started a high school exchange year in Texas in 2009/10. I did not plan to, but received a High School Diploma in Texas and took a college entrance exam (ACT) - I scored well, and I am currently at the Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, NM; with the intention to transfer to New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM. I am working as a tutor at the college, because the only legal form of employment I can pursue is student employment at the college.


English, German

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Computer Science

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...improving education, especially in the US and the state that I live in - New Mexico.

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Christopher Koch
Posted about 3 years ago
Improve Critical Thinking in the US' education system - mathematically as well as linguistically
By the way, I'm currently in New Mexico, which is even worse than Texas. And I know that the states on the East Coast, especially the North-East, have their education much more under control than they do down here. Yes, IB is a great program, just as AP is a great programme. But not all schools offer it, especially in states with low-end education - such as Texas or New Mexico. The HS I went to in Texas had eliminated their IB programme three years before I got there. And yes, IB and AP - especially IB - are an overkill for American students as opposed to the regular programme. It's so very above most students' levels that it is almost undoable for most of them, but as you said, it's doable. But as I said - schools have to encourage students to get in those programs, and they have to have them; and not all do. Also: It would be a very great help to me if you could send me your sources for those numbers, and a source for where I can find the policys of the TX DoE (Department of Education) for teacher's passing. I have heard that the TAKS test determines that inaptitude of teachers, I just haven't found a source or policy for it. Please, e-mail me: Thank you!