James Clark

Founder/Chairman, The World Technology Network
New York, NY, United States

About James


James P. Clark, age 46, is currently founding chairman and CEO of the World Technology Network (www.wtn.net), a global association of over 1,000 of the peer-nominated, peer-elected most innovative people in science and technology elected annually through the World Technology Awards. The most recent Awards were presented at the close of the 2010 World Technology Summit & Awards, held in association with TIME magazine, CNN, Fortune, among others, in New York. Now in its tenth annual cycle, the World Technology Summit & Awards is a two-day, global gathering of the WTN membership (primarily winners/finalists from previous World Technology Award cycles), as well as World Technology Award nominees. The WTN has also convened the World Energy Technologies Summit (WETS) in Paris in 2004, and in NYC in 2010, the as well as other smaller roundtables in cities around the world.

Educated at Wesleyan University and Cambridge University (UK), Clark has served in a wide variety of leadership roles across business, politics, technology, academia, and the non-profit sector. A serial entrepreneur, Clark's first venture, a clearinghouse for professional careers in the non-profit sector, was founded at Wesleyan University and then green-housed, by invitation, at Harvard University in the late 1980s. In 1992, Clark next served as non-profit sector liaison in Little Rock, AK, for then-Governor Bill Clinton's successful Presidential campaign. During the Presidential Transition period after the election, Clark co-developed the Presidential Transition Roundtable Series, bringing experts together to examine key issues, including Northern Ireland, Entrepreneurship, The Politics of Inclusion, and Homelessness. In 1993, he started one of the country's first Internet consulting firms, whose main client was another start-up called AOL, and which was focused on bringing online technology to the non-profit sector. In 1997, he founded the World Technology Network.

He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, BBC, and in many print publications over the years, and speaks regularly to a wide variety of audiences and has consulted to a wide variety of organizations.