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Surrey, Canada

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Ray Jefferd
Posted over 4 years ago
What is the true value (if any) of organized schooling?
Schools as presently constituted are not working at most levels. I recommend parents should read "Dumbing Us Down" by John Gatto. It may seem radical to some but I think that nearly all K-12 schools should simply be closed. Sadly I find that school architecture and prison architecture look very similar, why is that? I recently seen a poster, printed I believe by a local school district. The headline read, 40% of children in Grades 4 to 7 reported being bullied. That is the self-reporting number. What is the real number? Much higher I suspect. The schools would be an even bigger disaster if not for a lot of very dedicated teachers, working within a disfunctional system. Children need less schooling not more. Age segregation is the source of many of the problems in schools. Teacher centric vs Student centric is another major problem, schools and curriculums are designed for the needs for the convenience of teachers and the education bureaucracy, not to meet the real needs of students. I urge parents to think about educating their children themselves with the support of friends and family. Throw out the standard curriculum it is totally counter productive to real learning. Let children follow their interests, they get bored easily so they won't be inactive for long. It is my experience that for learning to occur, the material must have meaning and context. The standardize curriculums have neither for every student past and present that I know. Trust your kids, spend time with them, it doesn't really matter what you do, just be around them, for when they need you, they are very capable of independent and self-directed learning. Get off their back, stop nagging. Just be there for them. If you cut through it all, if both parents are working at jobs outside the home the result is minimal time with their children, these children get that they are just not that important to their parents. Think about it.