Sarah Georgette Scacchi Gracco

EFL Teacher and translator, International House
Pisa, Italy

About Sarah Georgette


I grew up between two cultures and two languages, my family being a strange mixture (from UK & Italy). In a way, it was quite normal, as a kid, to switch from one language to another or to create a family language, a sort of "britishian", or to come up with absurd neologisms.. and it was maybe due to this richness or confusion that I started mucking about with languages, playing around with words and meanings. My dad has always encouraged this, I suppose because being an artist, nonsense was his cup of tea.. and not surprisingly, I turned this into a passion for translation, as I love feeling the dizziness of walking on the narrow line between two realms, two ways of life and their ultimate expression: language.

Areas of Expertise

Postcolonial literature, Visual arts, Cinema and Photography, Teach English as a second language, Didactics, Art & Architecture

An idea worth spreading

Nutella on fresh baguette..worth spreading, anytime.

I'm passionate about

Going to Art exhibitions, flea markets, photography, radio, reading books, cinema, horse-riding, trekking and travelling, just to name a few...and BTW, l enjoy translating, too! ;)

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Sarah Georgette Scacchi Gracco
Posted over 4 years ago
JR: My wish: Use art to turn the world inside out
Wow.. it took me a few seconds to become a fan of this guy! I love the contrast between his modest and spontaneous way of reporting his experience and the impact of his ART. An art which has humble origins and derives from the need to appear, to become visible and leave a sign in the indifferent city, Paris. But it could well have been any other city that doesn't give- especially those who live in the suburbs, in the "banlieues"- a chance to make it up the social ladder, which stereotypes them.. And then what impresses me the most is the amazing self-development of a graffiti artist who starts using the impact of Art, the power of glue and paper and the visibility of street walls to make visible the invisible, to make people think, to bridge a communication over a silenced truth, giving dignity back to the poor, the marginal and marginalized. Where is the line between Art, politics, human rights.. is it really only Art? I agree with most of you. JR has well deserved the TED prize not only for what he has done till now but also for his daring challenge and for the message that he has spread. Now it's also up to us to see a global project stem from it. What do you think?