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Inspirational moments, pivotal points in your life, experiences that redefined your world view, interests that you enjoyed exploring, and the vital advice you give to those most important to you.

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Connecting related industries and helping these industries see intersections that aren't immediate or obvious but key in terms of innovation and growth.

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Keyan Shokraie
Posted about 3 years ago
LIVE TED Conversation: Join TED Speaker Eli Pariser
Eli - I deeply appreciate your commentary at the end of your presentation regarding the internet being a place to connect to other thoughts, perspectives and ideas from around the world. When I first logged on, I remember feeling like an astronaut exploring the vast human knowledge base. Nowadays, I primarily get advertising for cars and an exploration of things all too mundane and familiar. To return to that sense of exploration, I believe the most important factor would be, as you stated plainly, to have transparency in the filtration process. Filters, in and of themselves, aren't bad - but merely tools to get product messages across to potential customers. In the real world, when I go shopping for something, I filter using an active process in my mind based on mood, temperament, budget, etc. I think the web would benefit from having filters that you click and un-click, similar to how you can manage what netflix is showing you. That way, if you were in the mood to explore outside your bubble, you could easily do so & if you just need to buy your car, you'd be able to do so immediately. In terms of other factors to filter for - significance (as defined by physical, biological, social, ecological impact of a large scale), innovation (cancer cures, scientific breakthroughs, & business), international relevance (to help generate a global citizenship) & domestic relevance (to help build a sense of community). These are only my thoughts and suggestions - and I don't know that I wouldn't reorder the importance at some different moment in my life.
Keyan Shokraie
Posted over 3 years ago
Would you risk declaring to a total stranger three TED resolutions?
Lydia, First of all, I believe that you've taken the most important step in realizing that your "life as you know it" can become a life filled with exuberance, ideas, both miniscule and grand, and novel ideas made real or tangible. Bravo on taking the big risk of sharing your thoughts with another, TEDster or not, and then attempting to live those thoughts in your daily life through a trio of excellent resolutions. To answer your prompt directly, I would happily risk declaring resolutions to strangers, and I encourage my students to do the same. One of the impossible to quantify elements of this type of action is how powerful a reinforcement the act of sharing can be for an idea. Something about speaking that idea aloud makes it more real in you, helps to elevate your consciousness to act upon signals that will advance that idea in your life, and in turn, these reinforcements bring you back to sharing the idea with even more people you encounter. I believe that life is meant to be inspired, so that we might inspire those we interact with, whether that interaction is momentary, like your stranger, or semi-permanent, as in the case of friends and family, or permanent, as is the relationship you have with yourself. I recently discovered TED, and I'm so moved that I've told all of my friends and family about it. I believe that people like you, the speakers on this site, and those individuals brave enough to share their conceptions of the world will lead us to a better place, not just for us, but for our children, and their children. With that said: 1. I will strive each day to live and appreciate an inspired life - learning and growing from the lessons shared with me. 2. I will share my insights and life experiences with those who ask for my help, in the hopes that they can learn from my mistakes, and take lessons from my successes. 3. I will continue to work towards a world where graphene and nanotechnology can be married with energy and healthcare industries.